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About Us 

       This website was created as an open source website. An open source site enables and empowers people to connect and collaborate anywhere. An open source site is a resource that can be freely used, distributed and modified.  Open source is the practice of creating products or designs that opens up access to source materials. Applied to education, this process invites feedback and participation from developers, educators and students. The purpose of the site is to promote personal control and creativity by providing the means to develop a personal interactive website. Creating an interactive website with commonly available technologies will empower the individual to control and manage their own information format. The site will allow the participants to exchange ideas, improve best practices and create world-class instructional curriculum.

       The site is meant for the beginner instructional technologist or persons with limited knowledge of computer programming. It provides straight forward step by step instructions on how to set up an interactive website. The information for the step by step instruction was compiled from information and instructions available on the internet.

       The three main programs utilized in the creation of this website are Dreamweaver, Windows Access and a free version of ColdFusion Developer. This site serves as an example of an interactive site used for the collection and management of information. The website can be used in various ways to collect information into a Window's Access data bank. It can be used for competency testing, surveys, documentation, information management, communication, as a personal network location, a Ning site or any other creative use. Information gathered in the Access database can be manipulated and managed for individual purpose. The database information can also be downloaded into other programs such as SPSS for further statistical analysis. The website can be set up locally using the free ColdFusion Developer version on three computers for local testing and use. The site can also be hosted on a private or commercial server to accommodate an internet audience.