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Lab Consultantmacjuan


A laboratory consulting company managed and operated by Dr. Juan Jose Perez. With over 30 years of clinical laboratory experience, Dr. Perez has an extensive and unique set of skills for managing and preparing clinical laboratories for CLIA, CAP, and COLA inspections. 

Dr. Perez has participated in CAP, CLIA, and COLA inspections during his career as medical technologist, QA supervisor, laboratory manager, and laboratory director.

Dr. Perez has the experience and educational background necessary to assist clinical laboratories in preparing for regulatory inspections according to CLIA, CAP, & COLA.

Dr. Perez has a bachelors of science in clinical laboratory science, masters of public health in disease control, masters of education in media technology, and a doctoral of education instructional technology. Dr. Perez is certified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and Clinical Laboratory Consultant.

Dr. Perez has also pioneered and copyrighted the model for using a personal interactive information management site (PIIMS) and other interactive applications such as MOODLE in complying with the standards for training and competency testing of clinical laboratory personnel mandated by CLIA, CAP, and COLA.








Laboratory Compliance

  • Assist with preparing the clinical laboratory for inspections
  • Assistance with responding to a Plan of Correction (POC) for CLIA or a Plan of Required Improvements (PRI) for COLA
  • Provide assistance with QC or PT issues
  • Assist with procedure and policy manuals
  • Assist with Quality Control (QC)
  • Provide  online training and competency testing for laboratory employees
  • Assist with the Quality Assurance (QA) program
  • Provide assistants with OSHA safety manuals and policies
  • Review the proficiency testing (PT) program
  • Review the personnel records for compliance

Maintenance Compliance

  • Conduct monthly review of all QA  followed up with a written report
  • Make recommendation of required corrective or remedial measures
  • Make recommendation and evaluate staff training and competency testing
  • Conduct inspection of documents and materials
  • Be available for all scheduled inspections

Objective Consultation 

Available for consultation by phone, e-mail, or onsite for matters related to the overall operation of the laboratory and equipment .